Sunday, September 6, 2009

Would You ?

Would you still love me dear
When I'm no more in your town ?

would you still wait for me
Until the sun sets down ?

Would you still buy me dresses
When I'm left with no penny ?

Would I still be your one and only
Amongst your friends so many ?

Would you still come to see me
While I'm down with a 104 ?

Would you still be the first one to wish me
On my B'day when I open my door ?

Would you still hug me tight
When I'm upset and down ?

Would you still do anything to cheer me up
When I lose my smiles and frown ?

Would you still think of me
While you'r ready to go to bed ?

Would you still get mad at me
When I try to do something and screw things up insted ?

Would you still fight with me
About small and silly things ?

Would you still pretend to not hear me
When I talk about my wedding ring ?

Would you still wish to have me
As your lawfully wedded wife ?

Coz I would still be loving you
For all my God damn life .

I would think of you daily
You shall always remain in my heart.

As long as I love you
Even death can't do us part.

I'm going because you ask me to
But my love shall stay with you ,

I'm just afraid that you would forget me
So I'm asking - Would you ?


Prianka said...

dear..its wonderful..

Sohini said...

hey thanks Prianka .. I didnt know that u follow blogs .. and u r my first follower

Frustu said...

You should have majored in english ...simply awesome :)

Sohini said...

Thanks Sayan =)