Thursday, September 10, 2009

Few Things I can't live without

There are few very important things I can't live without .. U can say I am very possessive about them and can't share them with anyone ...

Thought that it will be quite interesting to put up on my blog . So here it goes =)

  1. My cell phone - I'm blind without my Nokia N73 .
  2. My computer with internet connection . I cant live a single non - internet day . It's like O2 to me .
  3. My room . Wherever I go , whatever I do , coming back to my room is like Heaven .
  4. My guy Soumya. I need him despite the fact that we are poles apart . I love him too much to let go of him . Nothing tops him .
  5. My parents . Whatever I am it's because of them . I love them a lot.
  6. My cat Turu . She's my baby ... To know more about her read my blog Turu-my-baby.
  7. My dresses .Ha =) . I cant part with any of my fave dresses , no matter how old and dilapidated they are . I'm crazy about everything in my wardrobe .
  8. Food . I can't share my platter with anyone . I would even go to the extent of killing if anyone even dares to touch my food . Specially if its a pizza ,a KFC Zinger burger or momos .Rest I can still spare some .
  9. My watch . I check the time in my cell phone . But I am obsessed about my watch .
  10. My collection of books . I don't share them with anybody .
  11. My pillows . They are exclusively mine .
  12. My collection of soft toys . I have loads of them .
  13. My DVD collection . Still in the making .
  14. My few good friends . I am too possessive about a few . And at times when they get close to someone else I go Grrrrrrrr...
  15. Last but not the least - My space . I need my freedom more than anything else . I feel DEAD without my freedom .

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