Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The rainy afternoon and the lazy me

It's been raining for the past few days nonstop . I was watching Pink Panther 2 just for time pass. My pet cat has had her share of cat food and from what I can make out, has taken the shape of a mass of white fur ... in fact she's even snoring ;)

It's 3.45 pm now and the sky is gray . I haven't seen a touch of blue in the sky for the last few days.The met people are saying that its a depression which is causing these torrential downpours . Well who cares , I'm enjoying it .

My TV is out of order for quite some time now . So now this computer is my only source of entertainment u can say apart from my books .And recently I have grown this interest in blogging ,though I don't find much to write about.

I'v been stifling yawns for quite some time now which i guess is a clear indication that I need to take a nap. So long ..


Anonymous said...

thats quite interesting peace of writing to go through . a nice easy going mind .. gr8.keep it up. this was better than any previous one.
almost like a personal diary.
i cld suggest u 2 options.
1> kp writing the diray of a bong gal, with many kinda excitement/ drama added to it. may not be true, but whats de problem in writing a new story of ur own world.
2>try to describe any of your journey this informal way day by day, wid lots of drama adding into it.

i think u hav cool writing material in urslf, so keep writing.
but not of third party but of your own..
thanks for reading such a long bakwas....

Sohini said...

hey thanks nameless friend . its really encouraging for a novice like me to get comments on my blogs .
I would try to follow ur suggestions .But it would have been gr8 if u would have followed me publicly so that I could at least be aware who my critics are :) ...
But keep reading my blogs and keep posting . i love them ...