Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The lonely mushroom

On my trip to Shantiniketan last year I took some photos .Photographs of lonely creatures standing tall . This mushroom was one of them . This was the soul creature on a huge tree trunk on the premise of the great Rabindra Baharati University .

People were busy capturing the different houses built by Tagore ,the small children in bright colourful clothes under the scorching sun ,couples almost hanging on each other . Nobody even noticed this silly dull thing on this huge tree . It was staring at everyone , was smiling at the stupidity of people probably .May be it wanted to break free off the tree and join its friends .I watched it for quite some time .It seemed to me like a marvel of nature .I don't know why , but I felt sad for it .Somewhere it resembled me - Lonely amidst a sea of people.
I wondered if at times it felt depressed like me , it felt like voicing out so many thoughts that forms a complicated mesh in its head .

I continued staring at it unless my friend nudged me at my elbow . "What do you find so great about this mushroom ?" , he asked me . I didn't have an answer .I just smiled.I couldn't tell him that I see myself in it and it's not funny . Trust me , I would have been sent to an asylum straight away had I even mentioned it .

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