Monday, July 19, 2010


When I had watched the movie , Final Destination , I booed it and asked all my friends not  to waste money and their time on that C-grade movie. It was crappy with this weird concept of death being planned for everyone beforehand, and if it's destined, nothing can save you.And if you are not meant to die, you will just keep on living.

But yesterday , an event in my life, made me think twice on the concept on which the movie was made. Yesterday, my aunt and I was supposed to visit a relative, who lives in the suburbs. The place is pretty far from the city and almost 2 hours drive on the highway.

My dad didn't want to go from the very beginning. Just as we were about to leave, dad decided to go , as he was not sure if we could find the house. My aunt had hired a driver. While going , he drove pretty fast, and we reached earlier than usual .

After spending the noon there, we started for home. After a nice , sumptuous lunch , me and my aunt were deep asleep at the rear seat of the car. Dad sat in front, and asked the driver to drive slowly as we were in no hurry.

I was almost dreaming, with the cool breeze washing away all my stress out of my mind.Suddenly, I heard dad shout at the top of his voice, there was a screeching noise of the wheels and the car sped its way towards the left lane. I instantly thought that , it must have hit someone.

My dad was trembling and there was beads of sweat on his forehead.Could not figure out anything of what happened. Then after pulling over the car, my dad said that the driver had dozed off to sleep while he was driving . He was about to hit the divider at full speed. My dad sensed it beforehand and turned the steering wheel towards left . The tires  were damaged , and the balance of the car was almost lost. The entire way , the car had to be driven at a speed of 40km/hr.

I was thinking then , if dad wouldn't have come, things would still have been the same. Aunt and me would have had slept away to glory , the driver would have dozed off on the wheels and eventually would have put us to sleep for eternity.

What do you call this ? Telepathy, Sixth sense or simply Destiny ?

I am still having goosebumps while I'm penning this down.Escaped death by a fraction of a nano-second may be .Wouldn't have been able to share this , had dad not decided to join us for the trip.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am really really really sad ; Sad with a capital S.

Today was my guy's birthday. He's miles away from me , sitting in Melbourne , cooking himself a Birthday Special Dinner . And here I am slogging the entire day , taking KT from my senior, attending client meetings and cribbing in the hearts of heart for not being able to spend some time with him(virtually on Skype).

Yesterday , i rushed back from office by 7.30 pm , so that I could at least wish him BANG on midnight .. (my 7:30 PM is his 12.:00 AM) .. That's the least I could do on his birth day . he has sent me a camera (Canon) from Australia, through a colleague. But I couldn't send him anything for his birthday....

He didn't want me to burden that guy with gifts .Strange ! He could do it , himself..

So all in all , I am frustrated, angry and sad ....  All of a sudden I'm having this feeling that I am being deprived of all the good and happy things in life. I dont have a boyfriend to hang around with (I mean he's not physically present). All my friends are getting married , going on their honeymoons and posting flashy , romantic pics on FB and Orkut .I don't see my wedding in the near future , which means no honeymoons obviously ....

And here I am sitting at office on a friday evening at 7.30 PM ,blogging all my frustrations and bitterness for many more losers like me to go through ...

So if any of you guys think that there's something that you can do do make me smile, please post nice , good comments ...


Monday, July 5, 2010


No more romantic poems this time ... Just a page from my diary.

I had been to Mondarmoni this weekend. It was quite a refreshing trip . After 2 hectic months , it was like a supply of oxygen to my otherwise de-oxidised self.

Initially I was not in a mood to go for this trip because of many reasons .Firstly i knew no one from the group other than a friend of mine , who actually insisted me to go.Secondly , this month I was sort of having a financial crunch. And thirdly , I would miss my guy big time as this was the place we had come together, a year back.So , adding up all the reasons , I was really really not ready to go.

But this friend of mine is getting married this year , and she had never been on such a trip  ever. She wanted me to come along , as her family would allow her to go , only on this condition .
After listening to her helpless pleadings , I couldn't actually refuse her. That's 'ME' - silly , emotional and 'stupid'.

Had any one (even the friend of mine)been in my position , he/she would have definitely backed out.
So , on Saturday morning , packed my bag , and left for this one night trip to the sea with 10 odd people.

Now lets come to the main attraction - 'Our Journey'

We had booked an AC bus for the trip, which was supposed to depart at 7.30 Am sharp.So as decided , we reached the terminus long before 7.30. But there was no sign of the bus.We kept running here and there , looking out for the right bus , till it started pouring like hell. The sky was pitch black and it just rained and rained. We took shelter at a tea shop, and our only protection from the rain was a platic sheet covering tthe shop. 11 of us crammed into that small place and then a man arrived with a huge goat. It had a chain aroung its neck and it was the size of a German Shepherd ...(not exxagerating a bit).

Anyway , our bus arrived after 8.30 .. and we had to actually step into the ultimate dirty water logging , in order to board it. I was regretting my decision all through , trust me. I was cursing myself , for having shown mercy on my friend.And then , finally, having got our seats, we all relaxed. Drenched, hungry,frustrated, angry,alienated from 10 others, I was missing home big time.But , I convinced myself that things won't be that bad.

No sooner had the bus started, than it broke down. We had not even crossed 2nd Hooghly Bridge, and we were stranded . The AC was turned off .. And there was a mixed odour of sweat, soaked socks,cakes,perfume,petrol inside the vessel. After enquring into the matter , got to know , that the silencer of the bus had given way. The driver and his helper fixed it in some time and then the whole way the bus went making a terrible noise , attracting abusive people all the way.

Finally , we reached Mondarmoni , and as expected we were late. The high tide was on the rise and the car carrying us from the terminus to the hotel had to wait for the water to subside. All of us got down from the car.. the sea was calling us . We girls , soaked our feet into the water. Had just started liking the trip , when everybody shouted from behind.
I looked back , and there were my slippers being carried away by the waves ...." Oh Fish ! What was wrong ?", i thought.
But the waves again brought back my slippers, one of them torn from the sides.
Exactly what I wanted !

The rest of the day was ok. Had a huge lunch.. Almost filled myself up till my lungs with food.... I was super hungry.The room was pretty good. Had a sea view and a pretty strong AC. That made me happy.Then at night , we started watching the World Cup - ARGENTINA VS GERMANY... I was supporting the former ..
And by now you must have understoond what followed.

Went to bed almost immediately after the 4th goal by Germany.Next day woke up pretty late . Breakfast was free and as usual I hogged . Food acted like my mood enhancer . And then started our journey homewards.
Had to have our lunch at a completely third-class resturant. But , no complaints... We were in a hurry to catch our bus.
The bus was AC and our seats were all scattered and uncomfortable.All the seats inclined back except mine...

"Perfect!", I thought again ...