Thursday, September 17, 2009

This one's for you Chand :)

Today Chandni mailed me . Well for people who doesn't know her - she's my best friend. She's mad,adorable,crazy and she's every awful thing you can think a person to be. But she's my sweetheart .She is probably the only friend I have who lets me be what I am. I never ever had to mask my feelings in front of her. She's the most unselfish and honest person I have ever come across.

Our friendship is not a very old one. I met her in my college . She was in a different section . There was this buzz that theres this girl ,Chandni who's super brilliant and everbody would die to reserve a seat close to hers during the semesters. I didn't know her then personally . One day I asked a friend of mine to show me who this super intelligent gal was. Oh my god ! she was there . hair trimmed like a guy , full of facial hair , a bit plump ,short and stout .She walked with her head held high and the very first impression I drew about her was - Arrogant and haughty .

Then in our second year ,we happened to be in the same section . She was undergoing this transition phase in her life then . The woman in her was coming out gradually and the boy had taken a backseat . She was starting to look beautiful .Long hair , casual look , low waist jeans , a dirty rag bag and full of crappy accessories. I honestly never liked college because it lacked cool people. The guys and gals of our college , i mean 95% of them were bookworms.They used to come with heavy bags full of books and I never managed to find a single like minded person until I met my crazy bitch . :-) . So , basically i never spoke to anyone much. Not even to Chandni as I still harbored my first impression about her .

But one fine day , we exchanged smiles and then a few Hellos and before we knew it we started connecting to each other . And in a month we were friends .I realized that i was completely wrong 'bout her . She was the most down to earth person I had ever met . Then I understood that she never spoke to anybody as she felt the same like me . Even she had no friends in college .We were alike :) ... And soon enough we started freaking out together .We enjoyed each other's company a lot. She was the speaker most of the time and I was the patient listener .She was the comic character and I was the drama queen ... We somehow complemented each other. She had this huge potential of making me laugh all the time no matter how grave a situation i would be into.

I have loads of memories with her which i would have loved to pen down ...But this space is not enough . We locked ourselves in a suffocating 2 by 2 loo cabin full of shit to search for an answer from a book which we had hid there as we knew that no one would ever enter that HELL .
We were kind of deserted at my place during monsoon when it rained heavily for 4 days continually . My folks were at my aunts and even they couldnt not come back home . The city was all flooded. We literally thrived on my cooking skills :) .. there are many more such memories which are there in the album of my heart .

But then like all good things have an unpleasant turning ,this one too had 1 . Last month she left for USA for her Master Program . I'm very happy for her , for the decision she has taken . And I know that geographical distance can't diminish our frienship .But I miss her. I miss her in happiness and in sorrows. I wish I had her with me here as she was the only friend I had. And today she wrote to me .She's not happy there in USA . She can't concentrate and can't tackle the pressure .And she wanted me to write to her as I have always been her strength . It touched me immensely.I wrote her a long mail . I could feel her listlessness , her inhibitons . I wish I could be there with her . We could have made this journey together and wouldn'y have felt the fatigue at all .I gave her all my GYANS free of cost =) and I hope she gets a grip on herslef and lead a lovely life there .

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Lost within myself said...

wish everyone had a best friend like that. it's very precious.