Sunday, September 6, 2009

What u made of me

Together we spent splendid moments
Moments of love and care
Together we grew up in love and life
A single life we both shared

Then there came a moment
When a chill crept between us
U started despising the word 'Together'
It became u and me - and no more 'US'

U stayed away from me for days
And days counted to years
A foolish me and ignorant as i was
Bore it all with tears

I thought of u daily
U were always there on my mind
I tried bringing u back somehow
But the old you i could no more find

Finally u said it , the 3 grave words
The words that ruined my life
They turned my life upside down
And cut through my heart like a knife

You no more wanted to be a part of me
And wanted a life of your own
You said 'You wanna quit ' and broke my heart
As if it was made of stone

You ousted me out of your house
And i didn't know where to go
I stood there alone with tears shut in my eyes
Drained of all strength for any further to go

I lost my faith , i lost it all
My smiles faded away
And now it's an act of happiness
That i manage to put up everyday

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