Monday, January 26, 2015

For you dork

I wanted to write something on you 
and kept thinking what would be fit
should i write about the way I care,
or the story of how we finally meet.

And then I thought I'll just pour out
All that's there in my heart 
Of how a virtual friend became so special
I guess i need to begin from the start 

I saw you for the first time in Vegas
And zoop ! I was drawn towards you 
What was the connection between you and I ? 
I'm still trying to find the clue.

You saw what no one else could see in me 
You made me feel so good
You gave me a feeling , you wouldn't let me fall 
Although you deprived me of food 

Grand Canyon would never look the same again 
The way it did that day 
I wish i hadn't blown my chances
And listened to what my heart had to say

You light up the darkness within me 
I feel so happy around you  
My eyes start twinkling, my smile gets bigger
I guess i do the same for you 

I don't know what the future holds,
I don't wanna manipulate it too 
But even if we are not together 
I shall always be there for you -

I'll be there for you as your 'Idiot' 
Through all thickness and thins
My strongest desire is to keep you happy 
It doesn't matter if I lose or win .

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mother's Day !

Starting as a single cell
Growing inside her each day
Breathing her air ,eating her food
Into this world , i made my way

The hormones made her look pathetic
She started losing hair
She could no longer fit into her skinny clothes
But she didn't seem to care

She nurtured me inside her
Like a pea within a pod
And then she brought me out here
Fighting against all odds

So how can a single day justify
All that she's done for me
I treat every day as Mother's Day
Cuz without her , i wouldn't be ....

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Broken Promises

Broken Promises

Didn't you make  a promise to me
About not opening your heart again
About not letting anyone into your life
About not enduring any more pain

Didn't you make a promise to me
That you'll change into a stronger self
You'll bury that emotional mush that you were
Under innumerable layers that none could delve

Didn't you make a promise to me
To have your guards up all the time
To check your heart each time it skipped a beat
To lock it up from committing that crime

Yet there you are after all these years
Standing at the same crossroad,your bleeding heart in your hand
Why do you not learn from your mistakes
Is something that I simply dont understand !

You make a fool of yourself each time
Trying to achieve something that's simply not meant to be
Please keep one last request of mine
Give it a break and stop doing this to me !!!!!