Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Turu - My Baby

My Baby

Little dirty beast

Turu now
Growing up
Just a few months old

I rescued her 3 years back from an abandoned house . It was raining like cats and dogs outside.The previous night I heard its shrill ,helpless cry .Mom asked me to go out and check out if she needed any help . I didn't bother . I knew that the moment I set my eyes on that little creature , my heart would melt and I would bring her home to safety . And the consequence would be Dad wrecking havoc at home ,threatening to bring in all the homeless and turn me out of the house . I don't blame him though . 25 years of my madness he's been putting up with .

So the whole night she went on screaming . And I covered my ears with a pillow . I didn't want to know that she even existed . The next morning it was still drizzling outside .I got up ,completely oblivious to her existence . And then after an hour or so , she started again . This time it was even louder and was full of pathos . It somehow hit my K-spot (Kindness spot) and I couldn't refrain myself . Dressed in a shorts and a T , I ran downstairs to check her out .

There she was - frail as a butterfly , wet as a sponge ,dirty as a rag .She had taken shelter in the balcony of this abandoned house .I summoned her .But she didn't budge . She seemed to be scared to death . She probably had seen death too closely .She must have been a month old .I was reduced to a combo of pity and kindness on the spot.

Inspite of calling her so many times , she didn't seem to trust me at all . And why would she ? It must have been some one like me ,who in cold blood had abandoned her on the streets .I managed to clamber up the railings .And then stretched out my hand as far as I could and got hold of the little tail .She struggled to free herself from my grip . She surely must have had thought that I was going to kill her . I jumped down and pressed her close to my heart . At that very moment a bond was formed . A bond of trust , faith , security . A bond of friendship .

I brought her back home . Mom gave her some milk . But she seemed to have lost her appetite . She seemed to have thrived on fear alone She was shaken to her very soul .All day she slept . She got up , drank a bit of warm milk and then slept again .The whole day she just slept . Probably she was trying hard to feel safe once again . Whenever she woke up , she would cry .Probably for her mom .Mom and I did all that we could do to make her feel at home and safe .

When Dad came home , it took him no time to turn into a blasting furnace. "You can't keep this thing at home " ,he yelled ." Leave her at the local market where she can fend for herself " .
But i was stubborn as well . Her eyes spoke a different language . I could hear her speak in human tongue . She pleaded to all of us "Don't abandon me once again ,please .I'm just a month old baby " ,she cried as if .And I made up my mind .

3 years it's been and now she's very much a part of the family . We can't think of our family without her . She's no more that frail little beast . But a fluffy , strong ,confident ,haughty lady .
She's the meaning of LIFE . She'e FAMILY .She's our baby - Turi.


Drama Addict said...

thats a beautiful story. i saw ur post on a comment from carrotspeak and thought id check out ur blog and i like it. you should check out mine too. ive only just started it so im trying to get some followers =D

Sohini said...

Same here ... U r my 1st follower .... Welcome to my space :)

olive oyl said...

awfully cute :)

and by the way i am sohini too. :D

Sohini said...

@ olive :- Hey hi Sohini ....
Nice to have a follower wid my name

Caveman said...

Very pretty cat. Loved the post so much that methinks, i'll get a cat for myself too :)

Sohini said...

@ Caveman :- Thanx dude on her behalf.She's one haughty girl, I say.
A typical touch me not.But she's my sweetheart....