Monday, September 7, 2009

Why is there war around when peace is so beautiful

I don't understand why do people like fighting so much ? I mean what do u actually gain through a war ?Death of the innocents , destruction of property ,bankruptcy etc. Give me one good outcome of a war ?

We humans are supposed to be the most advanced of all the living beings .But what is the use of being so when we cant make out the good from the evil ? People start fighting from such an early age ... Children fight about their belongings and when they grow up , the craving for power also increases.Adults fight about so many issues .Money ,fame , power being a few of them .

Lovely minds, cities , countries , nations - every little and big things are destroyed to the very core and the outcome is nothing but destruction . I really at times get clueless about our life !!!
All of us here have a purpose - a distinct motive . Why cant that b PEACE and LOVE ?

I am so damn frustrated with this kind of life , where we fight for every single thing . Be it a seat in a bus or a seat at a parliament .. Nothing can be achieved from peaceful negotiation , is it ?
Look what war can do a city ?
Which one looks better ? We the supposedly intelligent race is breaking the world into pieces and still it does not occur to us that our actions can actually boomerang back at us .
I plead everybody to STOP ! It's been enough for Christ sake .. Stop thinking about our own selfish needs and let's place ourselves in others shoes .Lets think about others before thinking about ourselves and make a difference in the lives of the mass.
Every drop of water was important while the ocean was being formed.Likewise , every small good deed by an individual can make this world,which is going to the docks , a much better place to live in . A place where people can smile freely without having a seed of fear and hatred growing within into a giant tree of violence .
Think about it .It's worth a thought ....

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