Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cause for living

My pet cat -Turi was running a fever for the last few days . I acted the doctor for some while but yesterday she stopped peeing completely and that scared me . She pissed once in the morning ,and it was syrupy and I have never seen a more yellow piss in my life.

She's lethargic .looks sad and lost . and sleeping 24X7 . I hate her this way . She should be running all the time ,spreading happiness every time I hold her ,tease her ,pamper her . But she was not even close to it .

I took her to the vet yesterday evening .I liked it when everybody present there went GAGA over her . She was certified as the most well behaved cat on the face of the earth . And undoubtedly she is .

She patiently sat there in the clinic for more than 2 hours until her name was called out . The vet took her temperature . For me it was kinda painful - shoving up the thermometer into the posterior .But she managed it well . After diagnosing her , she was asked to be put on saline .

My heart stopped beating . Saline???? what the F ? Turi couldn't be that sick .Was she ?

I called up Mom . She made it to the clinic on time . Thank God !

Then she was put on saline. She was meowing so hard ... It was hurting her and it was hurting me manifolds.

After 30 mints of ordeal I brought her home . She had this "Finally ,I'm back " kind of expression .She had her food after almost 3 days .Had normal pee . And slept peacefully .
She's ok now. recovering . thank god once again !
I have never felt so strongly for anyone till now ... Yesterday I understood what Turi means to me ..... She's my baby .

This blog might seem to be a piece of crap for many . But this is me ... An ardent animal lover .
I cant bear to see their pain , their destitution. And my heart always reaches out for their help .But I can do so little alone - Funding posing the greatest threat .At times I feel tired of fighting against so many oppositions - the biggest coming from my dad .I wish I had some more helping hands who would think alike and come forward to join me in this little mission of "Saving Animals from Misery " aka "SAM" =)...(named it just now)

So any fellow Calcuttan who seems to be interested in doing something more human , something we are actually here for mail me at with the subject SAM .
Thanks in advance .I'll be waiting .

P.S : Please send in your suggestions about any NGO you know about through which I can help these poor souls .

Any kind of help ,no matter how small it is will be appreciated... Let's start with suggestions .

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Jaya said...

It is perfectly okay to be sensitive to animals and to feel love for them. But don't join the Maneka Brig - that is taking things too far. We can have a discussion on this another time.Enjoy Turi for the moment.