Monday, January 5, 2009

My Poem


It’s never been easy for me

To find words to describe how I feel

But I managed to scribble these few lines to let you know -

That I love you too much to let you go.

U gave me a reason to live again and smile

I had been living a lifeless life for some while

But you came into my life and showed me so much light

That I can see with my eyes tight shut – as you've become my sight.

There was darkness all around me and I was cold,

I craved for a loving touch, but there was none for me to hold.

Then u popped into my life like my guardian angel,

And POOF! My miseries vanished like u had cast some magic spell.

U held me tight, and I felt strong

With u by my side, nothing could go wrong.

You are my hero, you are my man

I'd die to see you happy; I’ll do all the best I can.

No matter how much we fight; afresh we can always start

Cuz I need you despite the fact that we are poles apart

So forgive me for all the wrong I do,

This is my firts poem – WITH LOVE TO YOU.


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