Wednesday, January 14, 2009

God this is so disturbing ...I have no idea what to believe and whom to believe .I just have one good friend(wont mention the name_Letz say X) .I trust X so much , confide in X everything .And the kind of person I am ,I expect X to be the same with me.
But people around me keep telling me things about X and I'm just not ready to buy any as i know that X can never be wrong and X never feels the need to lie to me for any good reason.Once a person who was once very close to X had told me that X is a lier and that even I am not precluded from the list .I had almost fought with that person in the course of defending X.
But then another very good friend of mine witnessed few uncomfortable moments when X was around.And he poured into me as if he was suffering from tremendous acidity and it was absolutely urgent for him to throw up .
And now under many circumstances ,i find it difficult to hold on to my trust .I feel that may be I never tried to see through X and discover the actual person X is .It is troubling me as I dont want to find anything wrong about X .
I would loved to be proved wrong as X is the only friend I have.

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