Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I miss you :(

Yesterday i was diagnosed as diabetic.my blood sugar level has supposedly shot up and i have become sweeter than required .My doc made a diet chart for me which i am supposed to follow strictly and mom has already started getting mad at me regarding that. i am completely forbidden from having FAST FOODS - how I'll miss KFC,PIZZA HUT, SUBWAY,CCD so on and so forth.Gosh ! Y me ????????? there are so many people of my age hogging all these away to glory , but its only me who have to pay the price.Its disgusting . At times I feel that God's picking on me ... Somewhere up there he's playing a game where he has to spot me whenever i am happy which i seldom am.My parents are very worried for me .My boyfriend looks worried and sounds quite rigid when he asked me not to have any outside food. But look at me ??? I am suffering ! They say that before i go for my Visas , during the medical check up , if they find that I am diabetic , my visas as well might get cancelled.. :( Gosh !!! i am scared only because of this .. i mean life is now less important than my going to the UK for my PG. Life here has kind of become static.theres no movement . same thing everyday .. right now i am sitting in office and have nothing to do... spending a lazy aftenoon brooding over my newly formed disease . and hey guys , i know that my blogs are not interesting at all but if u guys by any chance happen to go through them , kindly leave a comment behind.

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