Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi everyone , its been some while since i last penned down here.Well nothing eventful was happening in my life so long. 2008 ended on a sweet and happy note . Along with my friends i dined out . Booze was prohibited for me for my Diabetes. Then we came down to our favorite and monotonous halt CCD. There after having quenched out thirst for caffeine, we went to City Centre . There the countdown began and we bid farewell to 2008 and welcome 2009 . Then from there all of us(8 in the group including me) came down home and then guess what ...'SLEPT' ....

Thats it .Dont know why , but for some reason I am feeling frustrated for the last few days .I am having a feel as if I am leading this black and white life completely devoid of any colour. I dont like it .I am fun loving person . I want to be surrounded by love,laughter , fun and frolic , colours everywhere . But something important is missing in my life despite the fact that I have everything.

Why am i feeling like this ?I have a lovely guy in my life , who loves me a lot and i love him too .But may be this attitude problem that he has is troubling me . I at times cant take in the constant 'NO's and the 'DO WHATEVER YOU LIKE' attitude. It's so strange that we women always have to live by the whims of others . It's disgusting at times.

I love my guy a lot . I mean i can possibly do anything to see him happy . But there are few things which i have kinda pictured in my mind , the day we started this journey together . And now that at times dune to many tiny- piny reasons when my preconceived image does not match with the real picture , i lose it .
I feel so depressed . I literally go into depression and there is absolutely no one whom I can share my thoughts with . So i pen it down over here , irrespective of the fact that no one reads it..

I hope to have happier times ahead once I go to UK . Things probably will be different there . I'll be having new friends , new place , a completely new world for me .I have never stayed away from my folks , so in that way it will be kinda learning experience for me and i can get to know a lot more about myself. I dont know . i think I am just a bunch of confused emotions and I dont know what is best for me ....

Anyways a lot for today . see u l8r. bye

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