Wednesday, August 26, 2009

another memorable trip

had a blasting weekend.. went to Mandarmani on friday . never seen a more beautiful beach .. it was a long stretch of sand and water and i was simply taken aback ... didnt have a clue that 4 hours drive from home , we had heaven on earth .

It was my second trip with my BF , the first being the 1 where he actually proposed to me . and i was very excited .though he's not at all romantic ,being close to him and living like couples for 2 days without any kind of intervention made me happy .. I'm so surprised that how such small things make me so happy .

two other friends Saurabh and Raj went along and it was a great trip . The first night we boozed like sponges . I was totally high and have bloody no idea what did i do . But according to two of my friends i made a scene which i sorta regret .

my guy couldnt hold his drink . he puked and had a chest infection and fever for the next 2 days and instead of having some cozy moments together , i actually nursed him while he slept throughout .although i dnt regert that . i guess thats what makes love stronger .

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