Saturday, June 12, 2010


This blog of mine, I  dedicate to one of my best friends, ROHIT and his wife SONALI ,  for their  victory over hatred,cast ,creed ,colour , religion and all the other things made by human which overshadow the only blessing of God - Love.

The story started a couple of years back when my friend Rohit , after graduating with a B-Tech degree, still had some time left for joining the IT company. Out of boredom, he joined a BPO. He was pretty distressed and upset then , as he had recently come out of a long relation which didn't work out. There at the BPO, he met this shy, sobre, pretty much a foil to him, north Kolkata girl - Sonali .They became friends , and like every other destined love stories, they too fell in love. 

Rohit was happy. He called me up to tell me that he loved her, which I already knew. Both of them were very happy. But, one fine day , Sonali came to know(may be Rohit told her , i don't remember) that Rohit was a Christian and hell broke lose. Rohit had no intentions of hiding his religion , but he didn't feel that it was such a big thing anyway, to mention .. I mean nobody introduces oneself like " Hi , I am Rohit and I'm a christian".

Both of them were thinking of marriage , but Sonali knew that her family would have problems with the religion issue. And she was right. The two families grew violent. Sonali was asked not to keep in touch with Rohit . Sonli's family thought of getting her married somewhere else. But they kept loving each other. 
Finally , one day Sonali's parents gave in to her determination and spoke to Rohit's family about their marriage. Everything was fine , but neither of the families wanted to compromise on their religious rituals. The bride's family wanted a proper Hindu wedding , but the groom's family opposed to that. They didn't want their son to chant Hindu mantras. There was a huge chaos over all this. Tears, rage , grief became a constant in the relation. Sonali came over to my place and cried out to me. Rohit was angry too, but he couldn't go against his church. It was a mess.

But amidst all this mess, one thing survived like a silent prayer on their lips. It was their Love . It was the blessing of God that survived in their hearts , although  their families fought about their GODS. True love is said to have healing powers, and it did heal the warped  minds of the two families. Sometimes silence is louder than a chorus. And Rohit and Sonali's silence shouted out their love for each other.

Last week , they tied the knot. It was nothing less than a bollywood movie. But I am genuinely happy for both of them. All I can say is - GOD BLESS THEM.


Ria said...

U write well :-) Congrats to both ur friends.

Sohini said...

OMG ! a praise from RIA DAS is like a Noble Prize won .. Thanks

Sayan said...

Congratulations on your 'Noble' prize, or is it the 'Nobel' prize ;)

About your friends,congratulations to them too. A deserving Bollywood plot.