Monday, June 14, 2010


I woke up today with a heavy heart,
Something was wrong within –
It ached to breathe, it ached to move
And I simply didn’t feel like living

The weather outside is too romantic,
And I’m on my way to office.
The pain inside is getting stronger
I guess it’s you whom I’m missing.

3 long months it has been,
3 long months, since you’ve been gone;
3 long months, since I’ve held you close
3 long months, since I’ve had some fun.

You are enjoying a Bar-B-Q there,
With all the wine and chicken;
It’s me, who’s thinking of you every minute,
Having bouts of depression quite often.

I want to stay where you are
Enough of this long distance crap
I’m sad and sobbing and whining and cribbing,
Cuz I’m pissed off with this geographical gap.

Do you even think of me once?
While you’re having fun?
You’ll marry me next year; There’s nothing I wanna hear;
It’s an order! All said and done …

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