Friday, June 18, 2010


If only you were here, my love
If only you were here -
I would fight through all the battles
And would embrace death without fear.

If only the world had known, my love
If only the world had known -
That tender fruits have grown out of -
The seeds of love we had sown.

If only you'd hold me tight, my love
If only you'd hold me tight -
I would never let you go anywhere
Would capture you in my sight.

If only we were together, my love
If only we were together -
This heaviness pressing upon my heart
Would seem lighter than a feather.

If only I could die, my love
If only I could die -
None could snatch you away from me
I would never have to say 'Good Bye'.


Sayan said...

awwwww.......I wish someone wrote this for me......loved it :)

Sohini said...

Comment at gun point :)