Saturday, February 7, 2015

The wait

What am i waiting for?
For you to love me completely,
Or for me to stop loving you at all?
For you to stop calling me ,
Or for me to stop waiting for your call?
For you to call me your one and only
And make me yours for the rest of your life ?
Or for me to stop glowing, when i picture myself as your wife?
For you to be there to protect me, when i feel unsafe and down,
Or stop feeling strong , as i feel your presence around ?
For you to not tell me ,that you tried not talking to me,
And how you feel for me ,you doubt,
Or to not hurt within, when you say these ,and pout?
For all i know, i cant stop ;A long way i have come
In you I find love and hope, and i know that i sound dumb
But i cant stop thinking of you, you are always on my mind
Besides strong love, my lost strength and happiness in you i find
I really hope you feel the same for me, as i feel for you someday
Cuz if you open your heart to me 
I'll never give up on you , come what may .....

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