Monday, February 2, 2015

A girl I once knew

Today I want to write about this girl I knew
Not from a very long time ago
She was naive, gentle and a little gullible
With eyes as simple as a doe.
She always wore her charming smile
Her twinkling eyes were a thing
Her nonstop chatter was like music
I must say she had a zing!
Everywhere she went, she spread love
People loved having her around
She embraced all, small and big
Her love knew no bounds.
She loved to love and be loved back
And from a very tender age
She had dreams as big as Jack's beanstalk
That one day she'll reach a stage,
When she too will have someone special,
Who will love her beyond reasons
Who would mean more than the world to her,
Whose love wouldn’t change like seasons.

Dreaming with her rosy glasses on
One day she became a teen
Guys queued up behind her like her tail
But she couldn't find the special 'him'
But then one day, there was Magic!
And she found her first love in a friend
With him she had her first kiss and dance
She was so happy; you should have seen her then.
Her gait was always Skippy,
Her joy was beyond measure
In him she'd found the fortune of life
That she cherished and would always treasure

But little she knew about the cruel world
And the cruel strategies it schemed
It skinned her daily bit by bit
Peeled her charm while she screamed-
Screamed her lungs out for someone to hear
To pull her outta that pit
Into which her 'precious loves' had pushed her
Where she was only dead meat
And then somehow she climbed out
Wounded, bruised and scarred
Her glow was lost, her charm was taken
But she still had the strength to start
That doe eyed girl went missing since
But she managed to turn around
Although she never smiled the way she did

And her eyes were now just a pale dull brown.

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