Monday, April 13, 2015

My love will stay

I might not end up being your girl
I might not be a part of your life
I might not be able to get your love
No matter how hard i strive
But you will be mine in some other life
And ill wait for that fateful day
Until then till the end of time
I promise my love will stay

My love will be there when you'r sad
It will be there when you'r pissed
It will guide you when you lose direction
Show you a way back to bliss
It does not matter how you feel
How your feelings fluctuate everyday
Everything might change , i might too
But i promise my love will stay... 

I'll go if you ask me to
Or if i don't want to cause you pain
But it feels like i've loved you for a thousand years
And i couldn't learn to stop since then
There should be a place where its not so hard
For you to be with me
Is it where the sun melts in the horizon ?
Where the starts shine down into the sea?
Cuz that is the place where ill be yours
In your arms , ill remain night and day
Until i find that place and make you mine
I promise my love will stay....

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