Monday, January 26, 2015

For you dork

I wanted to write something on you 
and kept thinking what would be fit
should i write about the way I care,
or the story of how we finally meet.

And then I thought I'll just pour out
All that's there in my heart 
Of how a virtual friend became so special
I guess i need to begin from the start 

I saw you for the first time in Vegas
And zoop ! I was drawn towards you 
What was the connection between you and I ? 
I'm still trying to find the clue.

You saw what no one else could see in me 
You made me feel so good
You gave me a feeling , you wouldn't let me fall 
Although you deprived me of food 

Grand Canyon would never look the same again 
The way it did that day 
I wish i hadn't blown my chances
And listened to what my heart had to say

You light up the darkness within me 
I feel so happy around you  
My eyes start twinkling, my smile gets bigger
I guess i do the same for you 

I don't know what the future holds,
I don't wanna manipulate it too 
But even if we are not together 
I shall always be there for you -

I'll be there for you as your 'Idiot' 
Through all thickness and thins
My strongest desire is to keep you happy 
It doesn't matter if I lose or win .

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