Monday, January 9, 2012


Life you amaze me each time

Life you astound me often

You have taught me to learn and live

You have given me numerous pain

Life, I knew you were beautiful

Heard you were full of perks

But when I looked closely enough

I found you to be a big time ‘Jerk’

Life, I don’t blame you totally

Luck and you go hand in hand

But why each time you royally screw me

Is the only thing I don’t understand

Life you are amazing to many

You bring smiles on faces

But with me you’ve been quite fickle

And for that I’ll give you no praises

Life, you exercise full control over me

You steer me left and right

You give me the illusion of a jolly good day

When in real, it’s a jet black night

You’ve played games with me, brought love with you

This time you got me once more

But next time be a little more careful

Coz, it’s you who’ve changed me from before

Next time you try something funny

And you have my word

I’ll finish your very existence there

So stop being a ‘Nerd’ !

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