Saturday, May 14, 2011

A GIRL'S CRY ...dedicated to all those women who have been ditched in life by the person she thought ,loved her the most

When u told me that you loved me no more
My senses went numb,blood gushed to my head
Thoughts jumbled in my mind like noodles in a bowl
I couldn't think straight ;and I wish I was dead
I could feel nothing solid under my feet
Darkness shrouded my vision ,
My eyes were dry,coz they had cried their bit
I felt belrayed by all , my body was my prison .
My heart wouldnt beat the way it did
My lips wouldn't curve into a smile
My face wouldn't glow, my cheeks wouldn't blush
And i thought, they were my own all this while.
I welcomed each day with a grieving heart,
Devicing plans of winning you back
Just not able to make a new start ,
I lived in my past losing time's track.
I walked like a corpse,looked like one too -
Oblivious to the gossips and stares ,
Avoided friends for fear of being questioned -
The answer to which I myself couldn't yet bear...

Everything around me turned a strange grey
I found beauty in nothhing, found love in none.
Couples made me jealous, happiness made me sad
Friends and family thought I was probably going mad.
They tried to cheer me in every possible way
By keeping your memories far at bay ,
But i wouldnt't revive , I wouldnt budge
The hole in my heart was now getting filled with grudge,
But this wasn't me I knew it very well ,
This feeling was alien too , and I hated it like hell ,
It followed me like my shadow ,crept into my dreams at night
It wouldn't let me be , no matter how much I fight
I wanted you to come and see ,
What in the world you had done to me
But you were happy in your own Merryland ,
But there's one thing, I wanted you to understand
That this is a phase , and it shall pass too
And I shall rise again
But I want to thank you from the core of my heart ,
for inflicting so much pain -
Coz, It made me stronger and embossed in my mind
"Do whatever you do but , never love a man again !"

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Patrali said...

Can feel your pain .. wish could share it