Monday, June 25, 2012


It’s been quite some time since I have blogged. AS asked me yesterday why did I stop writing? Mom also gave me a piece of her mind for having stopped writing, as she too knew that this is the only outlet through which I exhaust out my feelings. So too long a pause, and she knows that soon I’ll be needing a pollution check :)

To be honest, after my break up with my bf , I thought that life had come to a halt. I had lost all happiness, had nothing exactly to write about. I was kind of being driven by an invisible force by which I was mechanically living each day. Getting up in the morning , answering nature’s call ,brushing my teeth , feeding the innumerable cats I own (kitten to adult, so preparing different version of food for all of them), getting ready for office , going to office , work and boredom at office and then journey back home. So among all these activities, I barely found any interesting thing to write about.

But yesterday, AS shared a link to her friend’s blog. And it kind of shook me off my state of coma.  There she was blogging about so many things starting from her love for animated movies, to the way she looks at the world , the slum children she meets every day on her way to work , so on so forth. It was a revelation of sorts. Wow! I mean there are so many things happening around me which can actually be a topic for me to write about. But there I was in a self created, messy state of mind, where I just refused to check things out. All I could think of was my pains, my losses, my problems, my tears ... F***K !

I had actually cheated myself from the innumerable small, teeny weenie things which makes a person happy. I wish I could hug AS now for arousing this desire in me to write once more , and now I feel like am in a rush, like I want to write for ever, about stupid things, happy things, things which hardly make any sense to other people. Who cares if anyone likes my blog or not ? I am writing because I love to. It’s the same feeling as that of a dancer who could dance her heart out after may be years of paralysis. It’s a great feeling!

Now when I look back the past six months, I can actually find so many things which made me happy.
  • ·         I went for shopping and bought myself lovely dresses, shoes and bags ...
  • ·         Went on a weekend trip to Maithon with AS , had a great time there, got sloshed at night and got tanned in the heat.
  • ·         Reconnected with a lost friend I had a tiff with. He was a great cheerer when all I could think was sulk.
  • ·         Had great time with SD and her hubby SR. Going for movies and restaurant hopping.
  • ·         Started taking guitar lessons, a childhood dream ... And now I can play Jingle Bells :)
  • ·         Watched some great movies....
  • ·         Saved 3 more kittens and all of them are doing great !
  • ·         Getting appraised at office :) which means heavier pockets.
  • ·         My best friend Chandni had come down from US. So had a supperb time with her.
  • ·         Oh ! and I had almost forgotten, bought a new car :)

Well, there are probably more of them, but these top the list once I try to trace back through time.
So  look , I found happiness in so many things :) And only one thing made me sad... My bad relation .So while I could write the same thing over and over again about the stale thing, I actually chose to blabber about the silly little things which actually made me happy....

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