Monday, July 19, 2010


When I had watched the movie , Final Destination , I booed it and asked all my friends not  to waste money and their time on that C-grade movie. It was crappy with this weird concept of death being planned for everyone beforehand, and if it's destined, nothing can save you.And if you are not meant to die, you will just keep on living.

But yesterday , an event in my life, made me think twice on the concept on which the movie was made. Yesterday, my aunt and I was supposed to visit a relative, who lives in the suburbs. The place is pretty far from the city and almost 2 hours drive on the highway.

My dad didn't want to go from the very beginning. Just as we were about to leave, dad decided to go , as he was not sure if we could find the house. My aunt had hired a driver. While going , he drove pretty fast, and we reached earlier than usual .

After spending the noon there, we started for home. After a nice , sumptuous lunch , me and my aunt were deep asleep at the rear seat of the car. Dad sat in front, and asked the driver to drive slowly as we were in no hurry.

I was almost dreaming, with the cool breeze washing away all my stress out of my mind.Suddenly, I heard dad shout at the top of his voice, there was a screeching noise of the wheels and the car sped its way towards the left lane. I instantly thought that , it must have hit someone.

My dad was trembling and there was beads of sweat on his forehead.Could not figure out anything of what happened. Then after pulling over the car, my dad said that the driver had dozed off to sleep while he was driving . He was about to hit the divider at full speed. My dad sensed it beforehand and turned the steering wheel towards left . The tires  were damaged , and the balance of the car was almost lost. The entire way , the car had to be driven at a speed of 40km/hr.

I was thinking then , if dad wouldn't have come, things would still have been the same. Aunt and me would have had slept away to glory , the driver would have dozed off on the wheels and eventually would have put us to sleep for eternity.

What do you call this ? Telepathy, Sixth sense or simply Destiny ?

I am still having goosebumps while I'm penning this down.Escaped death by a fraction of a nano-second may be .Wouldn't have been able to share this , had dad not decided to join us for the trip.


Sayan said...

Scary. Something like this happened to me when I was driving from Tampa to Orlando to see Disney World. I was wide awake, and merging into the highway, and did not notice a speeding matador behind me. It almost hit us and it was matter of split of a second between life and death.
Keep safe and take care :)

Once I almost pee-ed on a live wire, when we had stopped for a break while driving to Diamond Harbor. The cha-wala nearby came shouting and warned me just in time, else I would have been electrocuted.

Rajdeep said...

same has happened with me once on the highways .... a speeding lorry coming from the opposite side almost crashed on our car. got saved marginally only the side mirror and the body was damaged.
in the same drive our car crahsed onto the back of a bus and another car.
So in a totall 3 crashes and one almost fatal.