Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am sitting idle in office and have absolutely nothing to do . I have not been able to make any entries here for the last couple of months ,  as after reaching home , I hardly have any  energy left for blogging . But , trust  me I feel like  doing it all the  same.

Well , all this time I was thinking of what to write on ; and came to the conclusion  that  in these  2 months,  nothing striking has happened in my life . And I am not a  ‘writer ‘ – which means that I cannot pen down just anything . I need some real good stimuli to write . It might be a heart break , a happy event , something  socially disturbing etc etc … But it has to move me in some form  or the other .

So I was just leafing through  the pages of my  brain-diary and found that for approx 2 months nothing of this sort has actually happened in my life …  I have just been breathing like a machine .When I told this to a friend of mine who blogs as well, she was shocked ! She raised her eyebrows and  had this expression as if I was  either some nerd , who was  in no way in connection with the outer world,  or just too ignorant to all that which I am not a part of.

She told me that I could have written about saving the tigers , the Pune Blast, the budget and so many other issues that I am indirectly a part of.  Am I ? Don’t know ….  Since I was running short of time , I took her advice and left a G-Buzz “ Save the tigers “ … To which one of my friends from  ”THE IIM” very politely commented – 
“while I do appreciate the sentiments involved, I am unclear about my role in the bigger scheme of things. Well if I could save tigers by simply tweeting or buzzing, then I would surely have done so. Most of us, i suppose, dont have the competence to treat animals. As far as donating clothes are concerned, there are several destitute on the kolkata streets and, to be honest, i'd rather donate clothes or money to them than tigers. There is already enough voices raised against poaching. So simply shouting "do not poach, do not poach" would in no way change things. I feel this entire thing either is badly misdirected at the wrong target audience or is simply a marketing gimmick. And once again, no offense meant.”

Well , I think that he was right .. What can a blog or a badge in ur bag from Aircel do to save tigers …  How many effing poachers  will actually read them and even if any chance upon one, will they care ?So I dumped that  idea. Then I thought of writing about the Pune Blast …. What could I say which has already not been said ? And it’s done … People have died. The mother****s  have achieved what they had to and we are moving on …So , there's no point in writing on that issue as well .. But yeah ! I prayed for the ones who died and didn’t even know what they were dying for . I also  wish that these demented people who are on this killing spree get their balls infested with fleas and lose their hands at the same time (or something worse than this . But I don’t want them to die straight away ; that should not be their punishment). I hope God’s listening.
And as far as the budget is concerned , I don’t understand much of it … Only thing I understood , was that  from this year females will get tax exemption up to 1.9k . Me Happy J It meant less of investing  .So now, I am back to square one thinking of what to write !@$$%%

People reading this blog of mine , please comment and leave some ideas so that I can come up with many more blogs in the near future.

Till then – CYA !


Sayuz said...

Wasn't quite expecting this :P

Sohini said...

@ Sayuz : Trust me I am so loacking ideas ... But hoping to come up with some soon :)

Arijit Raha said...

Well I was sitting in office as u were and thinking of wat to do, well then a brilliant idea struck me ---"Lemme check if Sohini has come up with any new blogs,that will be interesting"

And this is not what I was expecting .. sorry just going with the

Well the latest movie review won't be a bad idea either ..hhmm lets say "Kartik calling kartik". I bet you can pen down your frustrations on that one .. ;-)

Sohini said...

@ Arijit : I really can write a great deal about KCK... I can actually remodel the entire script and send it to the director...

Btw i didn't know that you follow my blogs. Won't disappoint you the next time. :)