Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I joined on the 23rd of Nov.It's strange that I came back to the same place, in the same building-  just a different organization.

The first two days were spent in induction .We had to give introductions to 100 odd people.And then on the third day, I was allotted to my project - British Telecom. I have to work on Datawarehousing , the technology I was so longing to learn. And luckily I got the opportunity.

I am completely new here and feeling somewhat out of place. Met this girl who has joined as a psychologist. She's good , in fact great company. She looks good too.(Attention :- My male friends, she's married).

Presently I have no work . I have been given my system . And thankfully a mail id . I am at present mailing all my friends my new id . Internet is a taboo here it seems. Only Google is allowed and that too on special request. The seniors have given me few EXCEL sheets which I am not being able to make any sense of.

So, basically , right now I'm getting a bit bored.

Well, that's all from my first day's experience.


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